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The 1st International Conference on Media and the Unity of the Islamic Ummah

Center for the Media of the Islamic World in cooperation with the World Forum for the Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought holds:


The 1st International Conference on Media and the Unity of the Islamic Ummah

Our goal is to build capacity, network, synergize, explain, raise awareness, define comprehensive Islamic action in the integration and unity of the Islamic Ummah by using media tools, and to realize this, the managers and activists of the media field, who are indicators in the field of With God’s help, we will gather together those who work internationally by holding this international conference, and future actions will be determined in its continuation.

With the presence of international and prominent activists in the field of media, in various fields of news, streaming, media literacy, non-governmental televisions, popular and public networks, independent journalists, media and news experts and analysts, university professors in the field of communication in the field Islamic countries and prominent and active media in other countries

Conference themes and programs


The most important challenges of the Islamic world media in conveying the concept of unity in the contemporary world


The most important achievements and media developments in the Islamic world in the last three decades


Feasibility of transformation in the media of the Islamic world


Investigating Takfiri media and their audience among Muslims


The role of Takfiri media in portraying Muslims in the Western world


Media, news production and streaming based on Islamic unity


Status measurement of the media of the Islamic world in the contemporary world


Virtual space and challenging the traditional concept of media


New educators in senior media managers of the Islamic world


Paying attention to the important capacity of individual-oriented media in the contemporary world and the need to exploit it


The challenge of mass production of serials in the western media and the feasibility of the competition of the media of the Islamic world


Feasibility of producing joint programs (movies, series, etc.) by the media of the Islamic world

Contact us

The first international conference on media and the unity of the Islamic nation will be held on 10th of Bahman 1401 at 8:00 am Tehran time in Ivan Shams hall. Those interested in participating in this conference can register their information through the registration form, and you can also contact the secretariat of the conference through the following phone number in WhatsApp messengers and Yes messengers.




Conference venue

Iran – Tehran – Kurdistan Highway (south to north) – Ivan Shams Hall